Clarity for charity

I am currently in and out of a few jobs. I know in this current climate I shouldn’t be fussy. But I’m a great believer of doing something you should enjoy.

Bored of watching day time TV, I went and got myself a job at my local children’s charity shop, Barnardo’s as a volunteer. And what a refreshing change it is.

Each member of staff is helpful and very polite. It’s an eye opener, I’ll tell you that. It makes you realise how many wonderful people there are in this world.

Sometimes we forget about all that, amidst a world of war, poverty and other depressing things. There are genuine people out there. And in the 6 weeks in which I’ve been working at Barnardo’s, I feel I’ve become a more socially aware, confident and more polite individual.

Even though I’m in a relatively healthy position financial wise, I’m still on the look out for full time employment, which I will cover later on in the week!

But for now, I’m happy working free of charge, helping people out and doing good deeds.

What a feeling it is. As long as you’re happy doing what your doing, does it really matter what line of work you are in?


Time to fill that empty trophy cabinet

I love football. Playing it opens up so many possibilities. It’s a great way to express yourself, to meet new people and have a laugh.

Today, my game was off due to a waterlogged pitch. We had an indoor training session which was a joy. Camaraderie between the players, albeit close friends off the pitch, help out. When you play with a good set of lads, you find your own game raises.

I’ve not been in a lot of successful teams, but my team are now looking dominant. Going strong in a few cup competitions, along with sitting comfortably at the top of the table, I suspect we will get our hands on some silverware. About time too. In my 18 years of playing football, I’ve not been involved in a trophy winning side.

It’s time I put that right, and fill that empty trophy cabinet up!


Apologies. Lack of internet connectivity has stopped me from blogging!

3D TV; how much better can TV really get?

Even though it causes me to flinch unwittingly at times, 3D TV is just incredible. If ever you needed an excuse to go to the cinema, make sure you make it worthwhile and view a movie in 3D.

You may well feel like a bit of a tit wearing specially designed glasses for the experience, but hey, if it works for Tinie Tempah, then who are we to argue.

I watched the Green Hornet, starring Seth Rogen, last month. Whilst enjoyable, I can tell you now that the fact it was in 3D made it so much better.

What are you waiting for.  Go view some 3D tv. I hear Golf in 3D TV is very good too. But Rory McIlroy’s does hit you in the face.

The Brit Awards 2011; Sigh alot More

Tuesday nights Brit Awards at the 02 Arena left me a tad disappointed. There wasn’t an iconic moment, no Union Jack dress sported by Geri Halliwell.

Not even Robbie Williams and the ridiculous saying of ”Shabba” can accept top billing.

I was delighted Mumford and Sons won Best Album, for Sign No More. It really is a brilliant album. When I heard they were performing, I was chuffed. They then performed Timshel. Despite winning best album, they really could have showed just how good they were. Songs like Little Lion Man, the Cave, White Blank Page and Awake My Soul really would have propelled them onto the even bigger stage. A missed opportunity I think.

Two very current stars in British music were rewarded. Plan B, winner of Best British Male, has had an excellent year. His transformation from rapper to mainstream soul singer has been amazing. He deserves credit for his brave performance, a mix of singles ‘She Said’ and ‘Praying’ which including a stunt act involving a policeman set on fire.

Tinie Tempah was the other star. I’m a big fan of his. His album, Disc Overy, is quality. I recommend it, along with Plan B’s ‘Defamation of Strickland Banks’ and Mumford and Sons ‘Sigh No More’ His performance of Written in the Stars was good. But not excellent.

Adele stood out for me. She was all about the music, just belting out ‘Someone Like You’ What a pair of lungs that lass has. And you wouldn’t bet against her dominating the awards next year.

James Corden, host, played it simple. Which set the tone for the night in all honestly. He kept the jokes relatively clean, and didn’t cause any mayhem.

Which is why the Brits was a low key affair. Shame, really.

The Social Networks

I’m talking Twitter, Facebook, Bebo, MySpace and such and such. Do they control our lives? Where would we be without them?

Well, I for one would be lost without social networking. It is a great way to express views and also see how everyone is getting on. The most popular seems to be Facebook, which is expanding and improving by the day.

It is staggering the amount of people using these social networking sites on a night out, tweeting or leaving statuses and the like. What would happen if Mark Zuckerberg, just 26 years old and now a billionaire, never created Facebook? Would society make more an effort to communicate?

I’m not criticizing these sites, not for one second. I’m a regular on these sites. These sites, notably Twitter, are great ways for finding out information on the news around the world. Some outlets now use Twitter as there source, and the news is vast. Word on Twitter is usually spread around before it hits mainstream.

Of course, it is good to express views. These sites are a great help. It helps with troubled people speaking their minds, with keyboard skills, with expressing opinions. You cannot underestimate the power of these sites.

The rise of Facebook has even been covered by a movie, starring Zombieland’s Jesse Eisenberg. It has won rave reviews and numerous worldwide awards.

Social Networking is now a vital part of life. Get on and join the fun. Because deep down, we all wish we had the same dream and vision as Mark Zuckerberg.

The Hangover

Well well. With every rainbow, you must endure the rain.

It’s how I see drinking. You have your fun, meeting new people enjoying the banter and the like. And then comes the hangover. It’s a weird feeling. How can you describe?

Right now, I feel like every ounce of energy has been zapped out of me, leaving me feeling sorry for myself. Lucky for me, I don’t seem to get the dreaded headache. It does make me lifeless for at least a day and a half though..

I’ve yet to find the perfect remedy for the hangover. I always thought Irn Bru was the answer. It just delayed the inevitable.