(Still) The World’s Greatest

The rise of Lionel Messi of Barcelona has been great. He has eclipsed some great players down the years.

Except one. For me, Zinedine Zidane will be the best player of all time. He is certainly been the best player of my generation.

He had everything. The style, swagger, graft, steel, skill and composure.

A true great.

And unbelievably, he still has it http://t.co/6pwNIye

Can we tempt you back into full time football, Zizou?


Lemony Zest Celebrity Juice

For the past two or so years now, one celebrity panel show has rose above them all: Celebrity Juice. It’s like a more light hearted Never Mind the Buzzcocks, in that the guests are slagged yet there is a genuine light heartedness about.

The host, Leigh Francis alter ego Keith Lemon, is absolute genius anchoring the show. His ability to tell jokes, add to the humour and keep the show ticking is fabulous to watch.

Bang Tidy!

The two captains the very beautiful Holly Willoughby and the slightly beautiful Fearne Cotton are similarly brilliant. It is a real entertainment show and whilst kids of young age should steer clear, the more mature people of this world will roar with laughter.

The show has now a big pull. Stars of the entertainment sector are now willing to join in the fun. And you should start tuning in too.

You can catch it on ITV2 on Thursdays at 10PM.

Just another one of those Glory Daze

Well, America have brought us a fantastic new comedy. This time, it is in the shape of E4’s Glory Daze.

Set in the 1980’s, it follows a group of lads making their way in university. Last night was just the pilot, and whilst not rip roaring funny, has all the makings to be an excellent comedy.

The characters are likable and well casted. There are no stellar line ups in the cast,which is a good thing in my opinion. Just a new group of actors making their way, with no added pressure.

It appears as if the States have bought us there version of the Inbetweeners. Though, obviously, not as good. Nothing can be Jay and the boys.

T in the Park tickets like gold dust

I woke up at half 8 today, set my laptop up and was ready for go. By 8 57 am, I was in the queue for an all weekend ticket at T in the Park.

By 9 02 am when I finally got through, they were all sold out.

Nightmare. Been looking forward to this one for ages. I’d love to see Tinie Tempah and Mumford & Sons. I need to get that ticket somehow. I’m gonna pay over the odds, no doubt, but it will be worth it.

The atmosphere at T is just magical. It can’t be beat. 80,000 screaming scots is incredible.

I hope to go again this year. The line up isn’t as great as last year, but it’s not far off.

Are you going?


Apologies. Lack of internet connectivity has stopped me from blogging!

3D TV; how much better can TV really get?

Even though it causes me to flinch unwittingly at times, 3D TV is just incredible. If ever you needed an excuse to go to the cinema, make sure you make it worthwhile and view a movie in 3D.

You may well feel like a bit of a tit wearing specially designed glasses for the experience, but hey, if it works for Tinie Tempah, then who are we to argue.

I watched the Green Hornet, starring Seth Rogen, last month. Whilst enjoyable, I can tell you now that the fact it was in 3D made it so much better.

What are you waiting for.  Go view some 3D tv. I hear Golf in 3D TV is very good too. But Rory McIlroy’s does hit you in the face.

New kid on the block.

vashappening guys.

New kid on the block. Will cover many topics, from the news all the way to TV and football. Just commenting on the idealogies of the local average lad. May contain mild language, and scenes of a not so sexual nature!

Bare with me guys, thanks!