The Hangover

Well well. With every rainbow, you must endure the rain.

It’s how I see drinking. You have your fun, meeting new people enjoying the banter and the like. And then comes the hangover. It’s a weird feeling. How can you describe?

Right now, I feel like every ounce of energy has been zapped out of me, leaving me feeling sorry for myself. Lucky for me, I don’t seem to get the dreaded headache. It does make me lifeless for at least a day and a half though..

I’ve yet to find the perfect remedy for the hangover. I always thought Irn Bru was the answer. It just delayed the inevitable.


Extra hot

Nando’s is fast becoming my favourite restaurant. An excellent atmosphere in the place really adds to the amazing taste of the peri-peri chicken.

I was feeling adventurous. Usually an orderer of ”hot” flavouring, I thought I’d go one extra and order the ”extra hot” Amidst the burning sensation at the back of my throat, the awesome chicken flavour was still prominent. Truly a brilliant meal, and very enjoyable too.

The staff were very friendly, and very helpful. It set the tone for my night. On a full stomach, I was able to drink and dance, whilst staying in a presentable (well, almost!) fashion.


I played snooker for the first time in a few years. How big are the tables!? It took me a while to get into the swing of things, and I’m pleased to say I got a break of 43! A years membership was soon signed up at my local snooker joint, and that means one thing only.

Ronnie O’Sullivan watch out!


A word on Wayne Rooney’s goal: WOW. One of the greatest volleys of all time? Possibly. I quite liked Laurent Robert’s elegant volley for Newcastle, and of course Marco van Basten’s for Holland is right up there. Credit to Rooney though, to get that high in the air and produce that power, well it takes some beating.

Still, they won’t win the league though.