Entourage; Comedy (Ari) Gold

The return of Entourage to our screens has been a very welcome one.

The fast pace of the show is incredible, and gives a tiny insight into the goings on in Hollywood. Well, we’re all a bit obsssed with Hollywood aren’t we? The show’s guest stars are well chosen, and integrate into the show nicely.

The cast have great chemistry, as you would expect after such a lengthy time filming together. But, like any show, it must come to and end. The seventh series currently being shown on Sky Atlantic HD, is the penultimate season. No worries though guys, a movie is lined up. What a cracker that will be.

Ari: I don’t make the rules. Not all of them anyways.

I’ve gone over 100 words without even mentioning the star of the show: Ari Gold. What a character. His one liners are most likely the best in the business. He is played by the brilliant Jeremy Piven who has won acclaim for the work he has done.

I will miss watching Entourage. Well new ones anyway. The DVDs will work just as well. For Entourage has been the best programme in my generation.


This is no ordinary channel

On the 1st of October, Sky HD announced plans to launch a channel called Sky Atlantic. The motto was ”This is no ordinary channel” and 10 days old, I whole heartedly agree.

This really is no ordinary channel

Each night, I’m checking this channel, feasting on it’s contents. Entourage, Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Just a number of quality shows. Boardwalk Empire, featuring the brilliant Steve Buscemi, is just incredible.

Watching this channel does make me question the quality we have here in the United Kingdom. My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding? Try a Big Fat Fuck off! The Joy of Teen Sex? I’d have more joy cutting myself and pouring acid in the wounds. Comedy wise, I think we’re sound. The excellent Inbetweeners is possibly the funniest sitcom made, we’ve also had Ricky Gervais starring in Extras and the Office. The funny Little Britain, and the impressive Come Fly with Me by Lucas and Williams have all shone in the UK along with Mitchell and Webb’s collaborations, most notably the Peep Show.

If we were to give the yanks a TV channel, just what would we show? For me, the two finest programmes we have, is Shameless and Hustle. Would the Yanks really take to Frank Gallagher? Don’t see it happening. Hustle has a fair shout, but the standard of TV in the UK is now highlighted by this stunning Sky Atlantic, which btw if you’ve missed the thousands of adverts is on HD.

Of course, I might be missing the point here. We’ve given the States plenty, such as Piers Morgan and erm the X Factor.  Not even Piers Morgan can make up for the lack of shows we have that would interest the yanks.

Slag off the Yanks all you like. Call them obese. Laugh at the fact they have George Bush in charge of their country. But when it comes to television, the yanks lead the way.

Till the next time!