Time to fill that empty trophy cabinet

I love football. Playing it opens up so many possibilities. It’s a great way to express yourself, to meet new people and have a laugh.

Today, my game was off due to a waterlogged pitch. We had an indoor training session which was a joy. Camaraderie between the players, albeit close friends off the pitch, help out. When you play with a good set of lads, you find your own game raises.

I’ve not been in a lot of successful teams, but my team are now looking dominant. Going strong in a few cup competitions, along with sitting comfortably at the top of the table, I suspect we will get our hands on some silverware. About time too. In my 18 years of playing football, I’ve not been involved in a trophy winning side.

It’s time I put that right, and fill that empty trophy cabinet up!


And on the Orange Sofa

Since 1995, a football programme has provided many a laughs in must see TV on a Saturday morning.

The orange sofa, 16 years into it’s life, still provides a great stature bringing in brilliant guests. To maintain high levels of entertainment is staggering.

The lovely Helen Chamberlain is a lad’s dream women. Beautiful, funny, and knows the offside rule. (Sian Massey files under one third of this category) She has been a mainstay on the Orange Sofa, and to have stayed for so long has been incredible. She has stayed through transition periods on the show, and has been brilliant right the way through out.

I started watching Soccer AM when Tim Lovejoy was in prominence. What a guy. I grew up idolising the fella, even adopting the ”Lovejoy is a legend” tagline. Soccer AM could do no wrong. There was nothing better than waking up on a Saturday morning watching goals, goals goals. Tikaboooo son!

For me, the show went down hill when Tim Lovejoy left. Andy Goldstein took over. And the pressure was so high. How could anyone replace Lovejoy? Well the likable Goldstein struggled, lasting only a year presenting the best show on the box.

Chemistry in excellent between the pair. And Max is good too.

He was replaced by a relatively unknown Max Rushden. What a choice of presenter that has now proven to be. I like Max Rushden. His ability to handle banter is brilliant to watch. He comes across as a very likable chap, and has handled the pressure immensely of replacing the legend, a Mr Tim Lovejoy.

16 years on, Soccer AM has maintained it’s level of consistency. The characters churned out every have been brilliant. Well, apart from the man in the caff.

Aiden McGeady displays twinkle toes even off the pitch

According to the Sun, the former Celtic wing wizard has been caught playing away from home. When he isn’t entertaining off the pitch, he looks to be entertaining off it.

Off season in Russia has seen the Irishman return to Glasgow, and with his real missus back in the Cold Country, he’s keeping warm in the hands of another girl.

Naughty naughty. It doesn’t help when the paparazzi are showing photographical evidence to the missus.

The Sun went with Aiden McSeedy. Fair play. And fair play to the player as well. Can you honestly say when a string of beauties chuck themselves at you you’re gonna turn them down? Of course not. That’s the world we live in. Cheryl Cole couldn’t make Ashley stay faithful. I think that is mainly due to Ashley being a cunt but never mind.

Let Aiden live his life. It’s amazing what is classed as front page news these days. Isn’t there huge politic drama going on in Egypt? Not according to the Sun.

Instead, McGeady is ”giving her first Aid”

The race for the Premier League is well and truly on

Evening guys.

My first piece on this blog. My close friend decided to run a blog on everything we talk about down at the local pub, and lo and behold I’ve been roped in to do a sports section. I’m a sports editor if you like, one without pay! Instead of money I’m sure I can except a few pints!

As an Arsenal supporter and blogger, over at http://cescandthecity.blogspot.com/ (shameless plug I know!) I will try to stay away from Arsenal news if possible. I will turn my attentions to the race for the Premier League, coincidently featuring Arsenal.

So, who is best placed to win the Premier League?

With 25 games gone, Man United find themselves 4 points ahead of Arsenal. But are things really as good as they look? Well no. The most ardent of United supports will surely admit the side are poor in comparison to previous seasons. They lost for the first time this season against Wolves last Saturday, and to last that long without defeat is a miracle. A team bereft of World Class players, yet with that winning mentality they are very difficult to beat, no matter who plays. How United react will be interesting. Alex Ferguson wouldn’t have enjoyed watching his team slip up against Wolves, and will demand urgent improvement.  And what a time to start than tomorrow, against arch rivals Man City.

4 points behind Man United, are Arsenal. Favouritism aside, I believe Arsenal have the best squad. What Arsenal lack, is that mentality to win, with only Gael Clichy and Cesc Fabregas experiencing the winning feeling in an Arsenal shirt. The talent is there, the sublime football is there, but the trophies aren’t. This season Arsenal have a great chance, and need to capitalise on the hard run of games Manchester United will soon stumble upon.

3rd place and just the point behind Arsenal, are Man City. I’ve been surprised at how well City have done this year, and with Carlos Tevez in their team, are an awesome prospect going forward. Yet somehow, something is still missing. I feel the Premier League is out of their reach this season, but next year will see them challenging. Expect them to have a huge say this season though.

In fourth place, as a result of the recent slump in form, are current Champions Chelsea. 10 points behind Man United, you could well rule them out of the running. Not me. With two games yet to be contested between Chelsea and Man United, there is still time for them to make up ground, and we all know how recently purchased Fernando Torres relishes the prospect of facing Vidic and co.

So how do I see the Premier League title race? Honestly? Well for me it is a two horse race between Arsenal and Man Utd. Man City are close, but I still see them falling somewhat short.

Who will come out victorious come May? My heart says Arsenal, my head says Man United.