This is the Only Way

It’s a strange phenomenon, the Only Way is Essex. Yet it is such compelling viewing. I love it.

I'm in Essex girl

I’m sure the majority of you have heard of it or seen it by now. It’s a group of people, mid twenties, making their way in Essex. The gossip, the girls, the booze. Everything.

Mark Wright is the leader of the group if you like, stringing along a trio of beauties. Thumbs up to him.

Apparently the show is ”fixed”, I don’t buy it. Sure, as the credits state the show is set up for your entertainment, but I do believe it is purely improvised, and which the people involved deserve an unbelievable amount of credit.

The stars of the show get alot of criticism which is harsh. They are leading a glamorous lifestyle. You can bet your bottom dollar living in Essex isn’t boring.

This is summarised by the show, The Only Way is Essex, now showing a second series on ITV 2.

Don’t miss out on the fun.


It’s only a game

If Sport, most notably football, needed a reminder that it’s just a game, then this week was a stark reminder.

First, the harrowing scenes coming out of Japan. Over in the UK, I think it’s safe to say we will never experience such brutal and home destroying conditions. My thoughts sorely go to Japan at this difficult time. God knows how long it will take to recover from that.

Onto more extraordinary news, the outbreak of cancer from two players in the football industry, Eric Abidal of Barcelona and former England captain Bryan Robson.

When there is arguments over certain defeats, fall outs from games, and general murmurings of the game, just take a minute and side and cast your thoughts on how those guys are feeling.

Eric Abidal, a fine defender playing for the World’s best team, probably of all time, is having treatment today to remove a liver tumour. I wish the player a speedy recovery and hope it doesn’t hamper his performances on the pitch.

Bryan Robson, former Man Utd player and England captain, is receiving treatment for throat cancer. Again, I wish Robson a speedy recovery.

At times when players worldwide act like pampered spoilt brats, it’s high time they sit up and take notice that they lead an excellent and rewarding life.

And time they start respecting that. ‘Cos truly, they are the lucky ones.

Entourage; Comedy (Ari) Gold

The return of Entourage to our screens has been a very welcome one.

The fast pace of the show is incredible, and gives a tiny insight into the goings on in Hollywood. Well, we’re all a bit obsssed with Hollywood aren’t we? The show’s guest stars are well chosen, and integrate into the show nicely.

The cast have great chemistry, as you would expect after such a lengthy time filming together. But, like any show, it must come to and end. The seventh series currently being shown on Sky Atlantic HD, is the penultimate season. No worries though guys, a movie is lined up. What a cracker that will be.

Ari: I don’t make the rules. Not all of them anyways.

I’ve gone over 100 words without even mentioning the star of the show: Ari Gold. What a character. His one liners are most likely the best in the business. He is played by the brilliant Jeremy Piven who has won acclaim for the work he has done.

I will miss watching Entourage. Well new ones anyway. The DVDs will work just as well. For Entourage has been the best programme in my generation.

Time to fill that empty trophy cabinet

I love football. Playing it opens up so many possibilities. It’s a great way to express yourself, to meet new people and have a laugh.

Today, my game was off due to a waterlogged pitch. We had an indoor training session which was a joy. Camaraderie between the players, albeit close friends off the pitch, help out. When you play with a good set of lads, you find your own game raises.

I’ve not been in a lot of successful teams, but my team are now looking dominant. Going strong in a few cup competitions, along with sitting comfortably at the top of the table, I suspect we will get our hands on some silverware. About time too. In my 18 years of playing football, I’ve not been involved in a trophy winning side.

It’s time I put that right, and fill that empty trophy cabinet up!

The Brit Awards 2011; Sigh alot More

Tuesday nights Brit Awards at the 02 Arena left me a tad disappointed. There wasn’t an iconic moment, no Union Jack dress sported by Geri Halliwell.

Not even Robbie Williams and the ridiculous saying of ”Shabba” can accept top billing.

I was delighted Mumford and Sons won Best Album, for Sign No More. It really is a brilliant album. When I heard they were performing, I was chuffed. They then performed Timshel. Despite winning best album, they really could have showed just how good they were. Songs like Little Lion Man, the Cave, White Blank Page and Awake My Soul really would have propelled them onto the even bigger stage. A missed opportunity I think.

Two very current stars in British music were rewarded. Plan B, winner of Best British Male, has had an excellent year. His transformation from rapper to mainstream soul singer has been amazing. He deserves credit for his brave performance, a mix of singles ‘She Said’ and ‘Praying’ which including a stunt act involving a policeman set on fire.

Tinie Tempah was the other star. I’m a big fan of his. His album, Disc Overy, is quality. I recommend it, along with Plan B’s ‘Defamation of Strickland Banks’ and Mumford and Sons ‘Sigh No More’ His performance of Written in the Stars was good. But not excellent.

Adele stood out for me. She was all about the music, just belting out ‘Someone Like You’ What a pair of lungs that lass has. And you wouldn’t bet against her dominating the awards next year.

James Corden, host, played it simple. Which set the tone for the night in all honestly. He kept the jokes relatively clean, and didn’t cause any mayhem.

Which is why the Brits was a low key affair. Shame, really.

Mrs Dec to gain Xtra admirers?

I was reading the News of the World yesterday, and they have exclusively claimed that Georgie Thompson is to replace the awful Konnie Huq as the next presenter of the Xtra Factor.

Brilliant. In my mind, the funny and gorgeous Georgie will be a perfect solution for the Xtra Factor. She is more than adequate to replace the equally beautiful Holly Willoughby.

Konnie Huq, as I stated before, was awful. The chemistry just wasn’t right. She tried to hard to come across as funny, and the banter between her and the judges’ was painful to watch. I gave the Xtra Factor up after about 3 weeks.

Isn't she lovely?

Georgie Thompson knows her banter. She more than holds her own on Sky One’s ‘A League of Their Own’ and on Sky Sports News she is always giggling away.

As the X Factor is making its way across the Atlantic, and many of the show’s main components aching to follow the show and make it big in the US, employing Georgie Thompson is a very wise move.

Who needs Cheryl Cole when you have Georgie Thompson? Ain’t that right, Dec!

Extra hot

Nando’s is fast becoming my favourite restaurant. An excellent atmosphere in the place really adds to the amazing taste of the peri-peri chicken.

I was feeling adventurous. Usually an orderer of ”hot” flavouring, I thought I’d go one extra and order the ”extra hot” Amidst the burning sensation at the back of my throat, the awesome chicken flavour was still prominent. Truly a brilliant meal, and very enjoyable too.

The staff were very friendly, and very helpful. It set the tone for my night. On a full stomach, I was able to drink and dance, whilst staying in a presentable (well, almost!) fashion.


I played snooker for the first time in a few years. How big are the tables!? It took me a while to get into the swing of things, and I’m pleased to say I got a break of 43! A years membership was soon signed up at my local snooker joint, and that means one thing only.

Ronnie O’Sullivan watch out!


A word on Wayne Rooney’s goal: WOW. One of the greatest volleys of all time? Possibly. I quite liked Laurent Robert’s elegant volley for Newcastle, and of course Marco van Basten’s for Holland is right up there. Credit to Rooney though, to get that high in the air and produce that power, well it takes some beating.

Still, they won’t win the league though.