This is the Only Way

It’s a strange phenomenon, the Only Way is Essex. Yet it is such compelling viewing. I love it.

I'm in Essex girl

I’m sure the majority of you have heard of it or seen it by now. It’s a group of people, mid twenties, making their way in Essex. The gossip, the girls, the booze. Everything.

Mark Wright is the leader of the group if you like, stringing along a trio of beauties. Thumbs up to him.

Apparently the show is ”fixed”, I don’t buy it. Sure, as the credits state the show is set up for your entertainment, but I do believe it is purely improvised, and which the people involved deserve an unbelievable amount of credit.

The stars of the show get alot of criticism which is harsh. They are leading a glamorous lifestyle. You can bet your bottom dollar living in Essex isn’t boring.

This is summarised by the show, The Only Way is Essex, now showing a second series on ITV 2.

Don’t miss out on the fun.


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