It’s only a game

If Sport, most notably football, needed a reminder that it’s just a game, then this week was a stark reminder.

First, the harrowing scenes coming out of Japan. Over in the UK, I think it’s safe to say we will never experience such brutal and home destroying conditions. My thoughts sorely go to Japan at this difficult time. God knows how long it will take to recover from that.

Onto more extraordinary news, the outbreak of cancer from two players in the football industry, Eric Abidal of Barcelona and former England captain Bryan Robson.

When there is arguments over certain defeats, fall outs from games, and general murmurings of the game, just take a minute and side and cast your thoughts on how those guys are feeling.

Eric Abidal, a fine defender playing for the World’s best team, probably of all time, is having treatment today to remove a liver tumour. I wish the player a speedy recovery and hope it doesn’t hamper his performances on the pitch.

Bryan Robson, former Man Utd player and England captain, is receiving treatment for throat cancer. Again, I wish Robson a speedy recovery.

At times when players worldwide act like pampered spoilt brats, it’s high time they sit up and take notice that they lead an excellent and rewarding life.

And time they start respecting that. ‘Cos truly, they are the lucky ones.


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